Open Source

 Managing Online businesses are made simple by means of Open Source Software in the recent years. In general, Open Source Software is highly preferred because of its user friendliness and consumption of less development time. In order to have an amusing user experience, Customization can be done on the available Open Source CMS.

WordPress-An Open Source CMS based on PHP is popularly used for blogging and well known for its features, architecture, reliability and usability.

Joomla-User friendliness and modular structure of Joomla turn out to be the first choice of very many users. A quality-rich and an accessible website can be built using Joomla CMS.

Drupal-It has a rich feature set that enables the admin to easily revise, update, modify and publish content and thus it facilitates wide range of services.

MODx-It is one of the potential CMS and web application framework based on PHP, which is object oriented and MVC compliant thus used for publishing content.

Contao-Contao CMS aids to have a professional online presence that is easy to access and SEO friendly. It provides a highly secure access to the admin.

Elgg-It is an outstanding open source CMS used for building fully-featured social networking applications to various business domains.

TYPO3-It is an open source enterprise CMS of scalable web application framework. It is renowned for its accessibility and unlimited extendibility.

PhpBB-It is a highly recommended open source CMS to build forums which is powerful and effective. It is notable for its very many prominent features.


 WITDS have works on Microsoft .NET technology since 2013. We have extensive experience in .NET Development Technologies like ASP.NET, VB.NET and C#. With our early adoption and extensive experience, WITDS is an ideal partner to develop web applications as well as desktop applications using .NET Technologies. Microsoft .NET has been one of the most rapidly adopted frameworks and is considered by many enterprises as the core platform for their custom application requirements. Our developers are trained to extract the maximum out of the .NET framework and work with advanced concepts like Microsoft Presentation Framework and Windows Communication Foundation.


 We provide rich, powerful, flexible, customizable e-commerce application development and solutions. This is an excellent opportunity for start-up companies or for projects with a small budget that require an advanced solution. WITDS offer complete spectrum of services and are ready to take care of your project up to your ultimate satisfaction.

 PHP is a widely-used scripting language that is especially suited for web development. In fact, PHP is probably used more often than any other web technology today. PHP is the open source alternative to, but PHP often provides speed and security improvements. If you need an expert PHP Programmer we can help. Our team of PHP Programmers can handle all of your PHP Web Development tasks, regardless of the size or complexity.

E-Commerce Solutions

 Electronic commerce is commonly known as Ecommerce. It is a system where buying and selling of product or any service is made electronically through Internet or other computing networks.

 E-commerce business is a judicious mix of products, promotions, timely order fulfillment and secure payment processing. Evidently technology and business application need to work in close collaboration such that enhanced user experiences lead to repeat business.

 WITDS offers comprehensive e-commerce suite, customized to meet your product needs. Your customers get the advantage of secure and enhanced shopping experience, while you get the returns of smooth error-free operations. A well coordinated supply chain management keeps your costs down without running the risks of stock-out conditions. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Search Engine Optimization

 Search Engine Optimization is a term called SEO, it is a process of optimizing the website in a manner that it appears higher on search engines with respect to the relevant searches. Now, it is extremely difficult to achieve higher rankings and beat the competitors on search engines like Google, yahoo, msn. Our team of experienced SEO professionals makes it possible for your website with sensible SEO processes and high quality work. WITDS employs are efficient in all white hat and organic SEO techniques and never compromise with the quality of work. All the Google Webmaster Guidelines are followed, to ensure your website never gets bug during any Penguin, Panda or any other Google algorithmic update.

 We give all our clients a competitive advantage with unique internet marketing methodologies, techniques and analytical tools. Marketing solution: Bulk SMS, E mail marketing, face book, twitter, YouTube promotion, Google and all master search engine organic and PPC(Pay per click).

 Our expertise will help you do business quicker and easier.