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About this Technology

Golang is a highly scalable and synchronized programming language that handles complex tasks as effortlessly as trivial ones. Whether you are a startup company or a multinational enterprise, the Golang programming language is suitable for well-structured storage, distributed or grid computing, enormous database formation, web-based music players, online games, and more.

As a reputed Golang web development company, WITDS can assist you in developing best-in-class enterprise apps, regardless of your business size. We help businesses across a wide spectrum of industry verticals with the use of the Google Go language in developing APIs for mobile and web-based projects through our highly experienced Golang developers.

Golang Technology

Why Should You Choose Golang development services for Your Upcoming Project?

WITDS aims to help enterprises worldwide gain business agility by leveraging the following benefits of the Golang programming language:

  • Simple to compile programming language
  • Object-Oriented Capabilities
  • Golang is concurrent
  • Concept of Pointers
  • Simple, consistent and Cross-check Error
Simple to compile programming language:

Go is a statically typed language, authenticating types at compile time rather than at runtime. The simple language syntax makes compilation faster, fitting well within the system's native environment.

Object-Oriented Capabilities:

Go uses concepts like structs and interfaces to pacify object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigms, such as inheritance. While it lacks a class/object hierarchy, it supports encapsulation at the package level and polymorphism through its method of interfacing.

Golang is concurrent:

he use of Goroutines and channels makes Go a powerful concurrent language, providing true multi-threading capabilities. This built-in concurrency enhances application performance, especially for server-side solutions.

Concept of Pointers:

Golang supports the concept of pointers, allowing developers to know the memory address of a variable and perform certain operations. However, it does not support arithmetic operations on pointers like C/C++, contributing to effective memory management.

Simple, consistent and Cross-check Error:

Golang has a simple syntax and coding norms, providing a quick learning curve for developers. As a statically typed language, any errors, whether due to type or constraints, are verified during compilation.

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