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About this Technology

React Native is a framework introduced by Facebook to strengthen and enhance the development of their mobile apps. It has not only gained popularity among startup companies but also among industry giants. Prominent apps currently leveraging React Native include Instagram, Bloomberg, Skype, Facebook Messenger, SoundCloud Pulse, Uber, Salesforce, and more.

React Native enhances the mobile app development workflow, offering features like live reloading and hot reloading. These capabilities empower developers to make sought-after modifications to the app's source code without the need for recomposition. React Native is known for its speed, significantly expediting the overall software development process. Apps can be integrated rapidly on both Android and iOS platforms without compromising performance or user experience.

React Native Technology

Mobile application development features using React Native

  • Streamlined Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
  • Use of Required Native Mobile App Features
  • Extensive community makes React native development a five-finger exercise
Streamlined Cross-Platform Mobile App Development:

React Native allows seamless sharing of the codebase between iOS and Android versions of the app, enabling easy deployment on both platforms without leaving prospective customers behind. The code reusability leads to a substantial reduction in efforts and associated costs.

Use of Required Native Mobile App Features:

When specific native features are needed for a mobile platform, React Native allows the integration of native code into its own codebase. This flexibility enables React Native to incorporate native libraries alongside its own set of libraries.

Extensive community makes React native development a five-finger exercise:

The React Native community provides a plethora of tried-and-tested libraries, accelerating the development process and eliminating technical hurdles in the present day.

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